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Excessive packet loss from gateway

In a call with a gateway, the gateway call received less than a third of the rtp packets sent.

In peer to peer (p2p) calls between terminals and telephone gateways, the system cannot detect any anomalies on voice / video traffic, since this traffic remains confined to the local network. Conversely, calls to and from a VoIP operator go through the server that checks for any asymmetries in the number of packets sent and received. In particular, when the number of packets received by the VoIP operator for a call is less than one third of the number of packets sent to the same, a signal is generated.

Possible causes:

  1. The provider or the remote interlocutor makes use of a high level silence suppression, so as to considerably reduce incoming traffic
  2. There are problems on the provider’s control panel not transmitting the audio stream to the PBX


Possible solutions:

  1. If the phenomenon is not perceived by the switchboard user as annoying, we could find ourselves in the presence of a false positive and therefore the signal can be ignored. Consider, for example, telephone interviews where there is a strong asymmetry in the conversation that leads, with the suppression of silence, to a strong asymmetry between incoming and outgoing traffic. Otherwise, we fall back into case b)
  2. Report the problem to the provider and if the phenomenon recurs, have a tracking open on the central side to monitor the flow of data in both directions