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Find out who last spoke to a given interlocutor (“Who was it” function)

Finding out who last spoke to a given interlocutor may be necessary for certain users (for example, the receptionist); with the VOIspeed UI it is possible to obtain this information through the “Who did it” function. By using this function, when an external call arrives, the operator will be able to understand who among his colleagues has spoken to the same interlocutor on the phone, in order to give a better service to the customer.

Note: questa funzione va attivata nel profilo utente del PBX (di default gli utenti non sono abilitati al suo utilizzo per motivi di privacy).
Note: this function, as mentioned, is only active for external calls.

To use this function, during a conversation just click on the gui switch disp button gui commuta disp to open the context menu. In addition to any terminals listed (if the user has more than one), Who was it™ will appear, by clicking on it the GUI will display an additional panel of the calls section, containing the list of calls that the interlocutor has made with the rest of the company (including the operator).

The call list will display the date / time / duration of the call, if the call was incoming or outgoing, and the current status of colleagues (busy, free, do not disturb, absent), useful in case you need to pass the call to one of them.
The list is filtered according to the time filter setting (default “today only”): you can set a desired time interval to change the list of results.