Hardware reset of Mediatrix Gateways

If it is not possible to access the web administration of a Mediatrix gateway, there are three methods to reset or restart it, using the reset button by means of a thin clip. By pressing and holding the reset button, the Power LED will start flashing:

  1. Simple restart: by releasing the button within the first 5 seconds, the device will be restarted without changing the current settings;
  2. Recovery Reset: By continuing to press the reset button over 5 and UP to 10 seconds, all LEDs will start flashing. Releasing the button now, the rescue interface will be activated on the IP on the eth1 port for the BRI devices, and on the eth5 port for the PRI devices (beware of any IP conflicts). This allows you to access the device without changing the current settings; once entered through this interface, it will be necessary to deactivate it and reactivate the standard interface on the desired IP.
  3. Factory Reset: If you keep pressing the reset button over 10 seconds, all LEDs will stop flashing. By releasing the button now, all gateway configurations will be reset to factory values.

This procedure is valid for the devices of the 1100, 1200, 2100, 3000, 4100, 4400 series, in particular for the gateways (ISDN and PRI) used by VOIspeed.