How remote work or work from home with VOIspeed

Remote work or working from home with VOIspeed is possible.

Here are the ways to use VOIspeed when you are at home, for example.

  1. Disconnect the phone in the company and connect it to the LAN network (router) of your home. The phone will keep its configuration and your extension will remain the same as always.
  2. If you need to work on a new PC, you can download VOIspeed at the following link:
  3. If you want, you can use the VOIspeed APP on your smartphone to make calls using your company’s lines.
  4. If, on the other hand, you just want to receive calls directed to your extension on your mobile number, just set call forwarding either directly from the VOIspeed APP on your smartphone or from the VOIspeed UI on your PC.

N.B. –  If you have not yet enabled the App, you must request its enabling by opening a ticket for assistance.