How to manage a group for broadcasting live messages (broadcast group)

In this article we will see how to create and manage a user group for broadcasting live messages.

The group in question will be a selected group used to play messages in large environments or open plan offices; in particular it will be a group that by direct settings will be able to manage a broadcast call, i.e. a call in which all the users belonging to the group will answer together allowing the caller to play announcements simultaneously on all the connected devices.

By enabling the Broadcast Group item in the group configuration, the group will be only enabled to manage broadcast calls; in this situation, the classic configurations of the group no longer make sense and are therefore masked. The only item that can be further configured in this type of group is related to the codec used for the call; this is because it is necessary to decide in advance the codec that everyone will have to use (both the calling terminal and the called terminals) since there is no negotiation and the call is answered immediately.
This item is configured in the Advanced section where it is possible to select between PCMA, PCMU ans G729.
Obviously, in such a situation it is strictly necessary that all the devices that can be involved in the broadcast call (i.e. both the caller who wants to make the announcement and the devices that will receive the call) are adequately configured to be able to handle this codec