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How to manage the status of your UI

Open the drop-down menu of the GUI corresponding to the colored circle, located at the bottom right of the user avatar, and select the desired status:

Presente Logs into the PBX and activates the GUI
DND Prevents calls from reaching the extension
(which can still manage messaging and file transfers)
Assente Blocks calls to / from other extensions
Deviazione Activates the diversion status
Logout Logs out of the PBX and disables the GUI

Difference between “absent” state and “do not disturb” state

The two states have a profoundly different behavior in the handling of calls by the PBX. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the difference between the two, especially when the call comes to a group of users.

In particular:

  • DO NOT DISTURB: the extension is interpreted by the PBX as busy
  • ABSENT: the interior is interpreted as unreachable

So in the first case, if all users of a group were on “Do not disturb”, the group would be busy and the related event could be used (for example to queue the call); in the second case, if all users were in the “Absent” state, the group would be unreachable.

The suggestion for users is therefore to use the DND setting when you are temporarily out of work and it is assumed that the user will be available again within a reasonable time in their work shift.

On the other hand, when you leave the workstation permanently (end of shift or long period of absence), it is advisable to use the Absent status, or turn off the GUI, but by activating the User setting “Set the absent status to logout”