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How to use headphones and microphone with VOIspeed – compatibility and troubleshooting

In this article we will see which types of headphones are fully compatible with VOIspeed for managing phone calls directly from your PC. Starting from version 2.2.x of the VOIspeed UCloud system, the VOIspeed UI allows any user to manage the audio of their phone calls directly from their PC, without having to use third-party IP phones or softphones When you select the PC Audio option on your VOIspeed UI (for more information on the correct procedure, see Using the voispeed UI with a headset connected to your PC), the UI performs a prior check on the presence of compatible and properly functioning audio devices. There may therefore be situations in which it is impossible to use this functionality. Let’s see, therefore, what are the scenarios of correct operation and the compatible and certified hardwares to use with the VOIspeed solution: 1 – PC with sound card on board This is the most common scenario, for example if the user is using a laptop with integrated speakers and microphone or a desktop PC to which a headset can be connected..
(e.g. PC audio output) (e.g. jack connector) (e.g. USB connector)
In this situation, you can directly use the speakers and microphone integrated into the laptop or any headset with microphone and jack connection, connected to the audio output of your PC. Also in this scenario it is also possible to use a wired USB headset; in this case, we advise you to investigate the compatible models in the following paragraph COMPATIBILITY LIST. 2 – PC WITHOUT sound card on board Generally, this scenario occurs when the user uses a desktop PC and it has no sound card available (the PC audio outputs are completely missing). In this situation it is possible to use ONLY a wired USB headset, since there are no speakers and microphone on board nor the PC in use has the possibility to connect any headset with microphone and jack connector; in particular in this case, we advise you to investigate the compatible models in the following paragraph COMPATIBILITY LIST
COMPATIBILITY LIST 1 – Certified Peripherals The following USB audio devices are certified for use with the VOIspeed PC Audio function; in addition to managing the audio in calls without problems, they have a call opening / closing system and keys for call audio levels and microphone mute. 2 – Compatible peripherals Compatible peripherals are all headphones with jack connector and all headphones with USB cable, as long as they are correctly seen by the PC to which they are connected. In this case, the management of the audio on call is always guaranteed while the functionality of any keys on the headphones (answer keys, closure, audio level and mute) is not certain. 3 – Peripherals still not compatible This group includes wireless devices (bluetooth or DECT) for which it is not possible to guarantee the correct management of the audio or the functionality of any buttons on these device.