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Mediatrix 4404 – 4 BRI Gateway

The Mediatrix 4400 series of gateways can carry up to 4 basic accesses (BRI) on the IP network via the SIP protocol and communicate with VOIspeed IP PBXs.
It is compliant with multiple security protocols and offers a rich set of features including SIP, MIKEY, TLS, SRTP, certificate management, and HTTPS.

The Mediatrix 4400 series of digital VoIP gateways also allows any office to use the existing IP network and build a telephone system while saving on cabling costs.
Mediatrix devices support any standard ISDN BRI interface, FAX over IP with T.38 protocol, or fax passthrough. The Mediatrix 4400 series of gateways offers flexibility and scalability for integrating VoIP networks.

  • Protocols
    SIP, Multiple SIP Proxy Support via DNS SRV, Multiple Registrations, SIP over TLS, TCP and UDP. Seamless fallback through redundant servers. Multiple Virtual Gateways, PRACK and UPDATE.
    IPv6 addressing – Most network functionality for packet exchange can be used on both IPv4 and IPv6, OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) for TLS links
  • Voice Processing
    CODEC: G.711 (A-law, µ -law), G.723.1a, G.726, G.729a / b, G.168 echo cancellation (64ms), DTMF generation and detection, Control panel tone generation and detection, Silence detection and suppression, Customizable Comfort Noise Generation, Configurable Dejitter buffer, Configurable tones (dial, ringing, busy), Configurable transmitted packet length, RTP / RTCP – RFC 1889, RFC 1890, RFC 2833, RFC 3389.
  • ISDN signalling
    Euro ISDN EDSS-1 / ETSI PRI / NET5, ETS 300 012-1 (ITU-T I.430), ETS 300 402-2 (ITU-T Q.921), ETS 300 403-1 / 2 (ITU-T Q.931), ETS 300 102-2 (ITU-T Q.931), ETS 300 402-1 (ITU-T Q.921), ETS 300 403-2 (ITU-T Q.931), ETS 300 102 -1 (ITU-T Q.931), ISDN voice, audio and data (Fax Gr 4, UDI 64, RDI 64), ECMA-143 (QSIG-BC.
  • Advanced security
    Compliant with various security protocols that offer a rich set of features such as: SIP over TLS, SRTP with MIKEY management protocol (RFC 3830 and 4567) and SDES management protocol (RFC 4568), X.509 Certificate Management. HTTPS for web pages and for the exchange of configuration files, SNMPv3 and TR-069 management protocols. Supported Authentications: SHA1, MD5. Key exchange mechanism: RSA, Diffie-Hellman., Supported ciphers: AES (128 and 256 bits), 3DES (168 bits), DES (56 bits), Blowfish (448 bits).
  • Fax and modem support
    Real-time fax FoIP Group 3 / Super G3 on clear channel (G.711), Fax relay G.726 or T.38 (9.6 k, 14.4 k), MODEM tone detection and pass-through on G.711 and G. 726
  • Call Routing
    Local switching, Interface hunt groups, Criteria: (Interface, Caller / called number, Time, day of the week, date, ISDN bearer capability), Number manipulation functions (number substitution, digit addition / removal, PLAR), number manipulation call properties, SIP header manipulations.
  • Management
    Configuration via Web GUI, TFTP, FTP, HTTP / HTTPS up- and download (Auto-provisioning), firmware upgrade via TFTP, FTP, HTTP / HTTPS, SNMPv1, v2 and v3 agent (MIB II and private MIB), TR-069 for massive installations (optional, on request during the purchase phase), TELNET, SSH, Activation of remote services on customer units by purchasing licenses.
  • QoS, Routing, NAT e Firewall
    TOS/DiffServ, IEEE 802.1p/Q. NAPT/ Firewall, Statefull inspection, Static routes, Source-based routing, IP filteringe Port forwarding, DHCP Client, DHCP Server, PPPoE client, VLAN support
  • WAN connection
    1 10/100 BaseT Ethernet RJ-45 port.
  • Environmental parameters
    Operating Temperature: 0 ° C – 40 ° C;
    Storage Temperature: -20 ° C ~ 70 ° C;
    Humidity: up to 85% non-condensing
  • Power supply
    12 VDC external power supply..
  • Mechanics
    Desk mount (horizontal / vertical) or Wall mount.
  • Dimensions and weight
    4.9 x 22 x 17.6 cm, Weight: 545 g