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Universal driver for Plantronics devices (Spokes)
Sennheiser PC25 Monaural Headphone
TA ISDN Primux ver. 3.6.5201 (PCI and PCI-Express)

Dect Systems

 Spectralink_6000_pcs14D.zip – PCS14D: for the expansion of the KWS 6000 system with new base stations. First, update the Base Stations (old models), reboot them, and then update the server (and reboot). There is no need to update the new base stations.
Spectralink KWS6500 IP-DECT Server –  – PCS15
Firmware for KWS 400/6500

Gateway FXO/ISDN/PRI Mediatrix

Mediatrix 44xx (ISDN) – v. 43.1.1264 (TC)
Mediatrix 44xx (ISDN) – v. 46.0.2025 (single file)
Mediatrix 33xx (PRI) – v. 43.1.1264 (TC)
Mediatrix G7 (PRI) – v. 43.1.1264 (TC)
Mediatrix C730 (FXO) – v. 43.1.1264 (TC)
Mediatrix C720H/C720/C740

Gateway FXO Patton Smartnode 4112

Firmware Versione R6.9_2017-05-04

FXS adapters for analog phones

Linksys/Cisco SPA112 – v. 1.3.5p
Mediatrix FXS C71X – v. 43.1.1264
Mediatrix FXS 4124 – 24 Ports – v.

Mediatrix FXS S7 – 24 ports – v. 43.1.1264

Polycom IP 6060 IP Phone

Polycom_6060 IP Phone

SIP adapter for Atcom headphones

Firmware for AT800DP Adapter –
Firmware for CT11 Adapter – 2.6.1.e5461

Installer modules

VOIspeed Presale Form
Project module for analysis, installation and testing
Compliance document for alternative telephone operators
Guidelines for the correct training of the user customer
Template for importing the address book (CSV)
User import template (CSV)


Free TFTP Server (by SolarWinds)
VOIspeed remote access client
Router test (ALG / NAT)
VOIspeed UI for Ucloud