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Yealink CP960 Conference phone

Yealink CP960 Yealink CP960 is a professional audio conferencing device with a color touch screen display, designed for medium-sized meeting rooms.
Thanks to echo cancellation and HD quality of the audio codecs, conversations are clear and environmental disturbances are minimized.
Yealink CP960 is perfect if you need a simple yet highly functional audio conferencing device!
The device is fully compatible with VOIspeed UCloud.
  • 5″ touch screen display
  • HD audio, echo cancellation
  • Full-duplex hands-free
  • Voice acquisition up to 6m and 360°
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Audio conference with 5 participants
  • Wall power supply included in the package
CPW90 – Wireless additional microphones

Yealink CPW90 is a wireless expansion microphone that functions as an audio input device for the Yealink CP960 conference phone

It features superior audio technology and supports 360-degree voice capture with a 10-foot radius without wiring issues.

The capacitive audio mute touchpad and a quick charging base round out its easy-to-use features, making the Yealink CP Wireless Expansion Microphone the ideal choice for businesses that require optimal microphone placement and wider room coverage.

User Guide

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CPE90 – Additional wired microphones

The kit consists of 2 wired microphones that can be connected to the Yealink CP960 IP conferencing system.

360° microphone coverage of about 3 meters for each microphone.