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Configure the Cisco SPA112 FXS 2 Analog Adapter

The Cisco SPA 112 is a SIP adapter for analog phones with 2 FXS ports. It therefore allows you to integrate up to two traditional analog devices (BCA and FAX) as extensions of the VOIspeed switchboard and thus take advantage of all the advanced functions of the PBX. Attention: the supported firmware version is 1.3.5 […]
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Use the Cisco SPA112 adapter to send / receive FAXes

The use of FXS adapters for sending and receiving FAXes may have a higher failure rate than a traditional line, but in cases where you cannot connect your fax machine directly to a telephone line, it is possible configure the Cisco SPA112 adapter to connect a FAX machine. Attention: the main requirement for using FAX […]
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VOIspeed V-6016v2 – FXS adapter

BEFORE PROCEEDING! If the LAN network is configured in the 192.168.1.XX subnet, it is necessary to proceed with the configuration via a PC connected DIRECTLY to the adapter’s PC port (just use a straight network cable). Otherwise go directly to point 4) Make sure the PC has an address in the 192.168.1.XX subnet other than […]
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