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Spectralink DECT KWS 400 configuration

Spectralink Server IP-DECT KWS 400 The Spectralink DECT 400 Server, also known as Kirk Wireless Server 400, is the DECT-IP solution dedicated to covering small and medium-sized environments. In the standard configuration it supports a maximum of 12 registered terminals and 6 simultaneous calls, while with an additional license it is possible to increase its […]
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Spectralink DECT KWS6500 configuration

    The VOIspeed DECT 6500 is the complete solution designed for full mobility in the company and for coverage from small to large radius. The system consists of at least one KWS6500 Server, at least one base station and at least one VOIspeed DECT telephone. With the minimum solution (1 Server 6500 and a […]
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GIGASET: Find the IPEI code of a DECT terminal

The IPEI code is a unique 12-digit code that identifies a DECT terminal, in the same way as the IMEI code used for mobile phones. This code is required by the DECT base to accept the telephone subscription and must be set in the base user profile. Telephones usually store the code in hexadecimal format, […]
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