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From the Toolbox menu? Explorer allows access to the management via WEB of the directory pertaining to the current company. The starting folder is referred to as Server \ and this contains all the files used by the company (audio, configuration and data import / export files). In this section of the configurator you can manage and organize all the files used by the company for its operation.

On the main page you will find the list of system folders of accessible files and two icons: one to add new folders (Add New Directory) and one to upload new files (Upload File).

Folder Description Esplora risorse
backup Service folder
closures Contains wave files recorded specifically for company closures
Service folder
mailer Contains several sub folders, each named as “yyyy-mm” (year-month), containing all the original files created by the PBX for sending emails, in order to check the .eml file of the email sent to analyze any problems . If the mails cannot be sent for any reason, they will remain stored here and the size of this folder may grow indefinitely.
rec Contains the files of the recordings triggered on the routing rules
service_messages Service folder
users Contains a sub-folder for each user of the reference company; the sub-folders, identified by the ID of the user table record in the PBX DB, contain the recorded audio files, the voicemail files and the user’s welcome message.
voicemails Contains messages from the company’s corporate voicemail boxes

Click on the folder to enter it, click on the file to “open it”: if the file is of the Wave type, a multimedia player will appear for you to listen to, if it is a text file, a preview of the text will appear. In both cases it will also be possible to download the files locally or delete them from this view
By clicking on the icon File Menu relating to a file / folder or by right-clicking on its name, you can access a series of functions on the single object.

  • details Show Details
  • copy Copy File / Folder
  • move Move to another folder
  • rename Rename File / Folder
  • delete Delete File / Folder
  • signal Generate Audio: this function forces the conversion of the file into the “telephone” format used in VOIspeed (PCMA, 8kHz, 16bit, mono). It happens automatically every time you import a wave file.

The same functions, with the exception of audio generation, can appear at the top of the page by selecting one or more files / folders using the check box at the end of each line

Icon Meaning
Copy File Allows you to copy the file / folder to another folder
Move File Allows you to move the file / folder to another folder
Rename File Allows you to rename the file / folder
Delete File Allows you to delete the file / folder

Warning: the use of these functions on system files / folders can compromise the correct functioning of the PBX