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GDPR panel – overview

In this article we will see which elements make up the GDPR panel and their meaning for the purpose of customizing the privacy settings and data management of your switchboard.

In the Configuration–> GDPR section you will find the following customizable items, relating to general security and data management settings:

    1. Permissions: in this section you can define a series of general settings on the management of user passwords for access to their UI / GUI.
      For more details see GDPR Panel – Permissions
    2. Reporting: in this section it is possible to set expiration periods for the data stored as call reports and call recording (please note that, according to EU Regulation / 2016/679 – art.25, the data controller is obliged to define a retention period of the processed data consistent with the purpose for which they are saved). In addition, you can enable call recording based on the routing rule concerned (regarding the lawfulness of call recording, see ->).
      For more details see GDPR Panel – Reporting
    3. Data portability: in this section it is possible to search, download and, if necessary, delete all the data saved in the VOIspeed switchboard regarding an extension or a telephone contact in compliance with the dictates of EU Regulation / 2016/679 – art. 20. For more details see. GDPR Panel – Data portability