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GIGASET: Find the IPEI code of a DECT terminal

The IPEI code is a unique 12-digit code that identifies a DECT terminal, in the same way as the IMEI code used for mobile phones. This code is required by the DECT base to accept the telephone subscription and must be set in the base user profile.

Telephones usually store the code in hexadecimal format, called IPUI: to locate it in a GIGASET telephone, go to the telephone menu (Menu key on the display or wrench symbol in more advanced models) and enter the code * # 06 #.

The IPUI code should appear in the first position. This code must be converted into an IPEI code of 12 digits in total: to carry out the conversion, there are various resources on the internet, just search for IPUI to IPEI in a search engine to get different results, such as this one which returns 13 digits to which it must be removed the last.