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How to interpret the state of the VOIspeed extensions

VOIspeed allows you to have an immediate view of the status of the switchboard extensions. The possible states are coded by the color of the user avatar sticker ¢ and / or by the presence of additional graphic elements and are as follows:

Green dot
Free User
Orange stamp
User in DND (does not receive calls)
Red Stamp
Busy user
Dark gray sticker
User absent (the extension cannot receive or make calls)
Green dot and flashing outer circle
The user is ringing for an incoming call

For each of the above elements, UCloud also allows you to view an avatar (profile picture that can be customized by each user – see How to customize your user avatar in VOIspeed) and other possible states depending on the users’ ability to use their own UI (if authenticated to the PBX) or its own terminals:

Colorful stamp and blurred avatar background
Unregistered UI: the user cannot start a chat, exchange files or participate in video conferences
Black stamp
User unreachable: the user has no active telephone terminals and cannot receive / make calls

By right-clicking on a user’s avatar, a context menu will appear through which to perform various actions:

Call the extension
cattura_chiamata Capture_call Capture the call (only if the selected user is ringing)
Video calls the user
Start a chat with the user
vocal_message Leave a voice message to the user
call_number Dials one of the numbers associated with the contact
or send an email to the specified email address
Call the user as soon as he is free from one conversation
Warn when
change of state
A warning warns when the user changes state