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How to make a multi-user conference with the UI

Conference is a function that allows you to have a conversation between 3 or more users at the same time. To establish a conference of at least 3 users you must have at least two calls: you must then make the first call, put it on hold and make the second (if you make a second call, the first would go on hold automatically).
At this point it is sufficient to drag (drag & drop) one of the two calls on top of the other: an alert will appear to confirm the desired action, to be chosen between conference and call transfer, or cancel and return to the call status display at the moment of drag & drop.

By pressing the button to start the conference, the interlocutors will be instantly put in communication

When you have an active conference, you can always add new members to it. To do this, put the conference on hold, make a new call and proceed in the same way you started the conference by dragging and dropping the new call over the conference on hold. This will open a panel with the possibility to choose between 3 operations:

menu_inoltro_Conference Creates a conference between calls in progress
menu_inoltro_Forward Transfers the call on hold to the active call
menu_inoltro_Delete In this case you will return to a panel with one call on hold and one active 
exit_conference_button Leave or ouster the conference
send_message_conference_button Sending a text message (chat) to the specified user
hold_conference_button Wait for own audio / microphone channel while remaining in conference
callclose_conference_button Closing the conference
Record your own conference call. Recording will produce a new audio file
Ability to mute your microphone during conversation