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How to route calls to the outside with the LCR

The LCR module (Least Cost Routing) of VOIspeed allows you to implicitly define the routing rules for outgoing calls, i.e. to define which telephone resource (or gateway) to route a call to. Calls are routed based on the number or prefix of the called number.


In the configuration section – LCR you can add the prefix (or number) and assign it an exit gateway: for example, to route calls to Italian national fixed numbers, you will need to create a rule for the prefix 0, for mobile phones you will need a rule for 3, and so on, but it is also possible to create an even more “stringent” rule by creating a longer prefix: for example, to call Milan numbers with a particular gateway, the prefix 02 must be created; to call with a company SIM the mobile phones belonging to the company RAM that all begin with the digits 348111, the prefix 348111 can be created. match the longest prefix starting from the beginning of the number.

It is possible to define one or more gateways associated with numbers (complete numbers or prefixes) to be interrogated in sequence, so that the current call can be routed to the first available gateway.

In the case of 2 or more gateways, the order in which to query them can also be defined: the order can be changed by clicking on the desired gateway by moving it (drag & drop) to the desired position (before or after) as shown below.

PBX LCR dettaglio

The figure on the side shows the LCR rules page. The rules are displayed in a list sorted by prefixes. Each prefix corresponds to a usage rule that contains one or more gateways that the PBX must query (in the sequence from top to bottom) to route a call to the number (or prefix) indicated on the side. The first free gateway will be chosen to make the call.
Each gateway can be disabled by clicking on the green dot (which will turn red). Disabling a gateway will affect all rules where the gateway is present, so be very careful when using this function. If you don’t want a gateway to be used for a particular prefix just remove it with the button delete.To remove a prefix click on Delete prefix delete
To add a gateway for a particular prefix click on Add prefix add within the desired prefix.
PBX LCR generale
If a gateway is shown with the name and the red outline it means that the routing rule that contemplates that prefix and that gateway has been disabled from the Toolbox → Routing section.

If the routing must be the same for all prefixes, you can use the wildcard “%”