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How to store audio levels of Polycom phones

According to European regulations, the volume levels of the various devices connected to the IP phone (handset, headphones, and hands-free) are reset to the standard values ​​(low) after each phone call, to avoid damage or annoyance in those with more sensitive hearing who want to use. the phone.

To permanently save the customized volume adjustments of each single device, special commands must be given via an external configuration file (it is not possible to do this from the phone itself). Here’s how to do it:


  1. Export the phone configurations file: Utility menu – Import / Export configuration – Export all configurations
  2. Open the file and locate the lines:
  3. Then add the following lines (check that there are no spaces within the same line):
voice.volume.persist.headset=”1″ for the volume of the headset connected to the phone
voice.volume.persist.handset=”1″ for the handset volume
voice.volume.persist.handsfree=”1″ for the speakerphone volume
voice.volume.persist.usbHeadset=”1″ for the volume a USB headset for models equipped
voice.volume.persist.bluetooth=”1″ for the volume a USB / bluetooth headset for models equipped
voice.volume.persist.usb.handsfree=”1″ to use the USB headset in handsfree mode for models equipped


Save the file and import it to the phone from the same section as the phone (Import Configuration).
To set the volume simply make a call and adjust the volume as desired. From then on, subsequent calls will have the same level.

To test the configuration later, we suggest you perform the following steps:

  1. set up and load the configuration file as indicated;
  2. make a test call and set the volume of the handset, headset or speakerphone 2 notches below the maximum;
  3. hang up and make a new call;
  4. press the volume + button once;
  5. if the volume notch moves with respect to before, reaching only one notch from the maximum, the configuration has been correctly accepted by the phone, otherwise it is necessary to repeat the procedure and / or check if the configuration file has been correctly modified.