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Overview of the VOIspeed UCloud UI

The VOIspeed UCloud UI application is a command console for managing user communication devices (SIP devices and mobile phones). It is also a tool for monitoring one’s own activities and those of other users of the VOIspeed switchboard. So it is not a telephone or a softphone, as one might think: it does not manage the capture and playback of audio from the various peripherals connected to the PC. This allows the application to completely free itself from the management, sometimes problematic, of some audio devices with a low level of compatibility with the operating system

Through the UI, the user has at his disposal his definitive communication tool with which he can use any type of terminal “adding” advanced features unimaginable with traditional technologies!

VOIspeed offers users real-time information on availability and presence status. Thanks to a quick view, you immediately see the status of your colleague and you can then decide whether to contact him by phone, via instant message or chat or, again, by leaving him a voice message.

The GUI is made up of two panels: the panel used to control calls and user status that owns the UI, and the accessories panel.


The call panel is always visible when the GUI is in the foreground. From this panel you can monitor calls in progress, perform forwarding, hold and conference operations; you can manage your communication devices, change the status of the GUI and manage its settings. On this panel you also receive alerts about new messages (chat or short messages), voicemail messages, and missed calls.

By means of the large button at the bottom, you can also show or hide the large accessory panel that contains the most functionality and reporting services of the GUI.

The accessories panel contains all the functions for managing your VOIspeed telephony workstation.

Access to the various functions of the GUI is made possible by a selection toolbar at the top of the window, in particular:
users User Management phonebook Contacts Management
report Call List chat Chat
parking_call Linee parcheggio userarea User area access