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Procedure to activate integration with LeadSpark (MotorK)

  • Case 1: V6 Enterprise
    • In ConfigurationàAziendaàSettings, enter the following fields in the System Status Notification section
  • Case 2: Ucloud
    • Create a new integration module in Configuration—> Company—> Integration with the following settings:
      • Calling the LeadSpark module (or as you like best, does not affect functionality)
      • Enable it
      • Choose Generic module as Integration module
      • Select the events from the user events
        • Incoming call
        • Outgoing call
        • Call rejected
        • Disconnection on exit
        • Input disconnection
      • Select which users should send these events
      • Enable the Commands
      • Give the OK
    • After checking the presence of the new module in the list of additions, click on the “gear” icon;
      • Enter the URL in the Notification URL field where MotroK_APIKey is a parameter provided by MotorK

  • Give the OK and then re-enter the form with the pencil to read the token required by Leadspark for the integration to work.