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In this article we will see which settings you can customize for managing the reporting of calls and their recordings.

In the Configuration–> GDPR section, by selecting the Reports item, you can customize the behavior of the VOIspeed SW with regard to the time the call reporting data remain within the system; we recall, in fact, that, according to the EU / 2016/679 Regulation – art. 25 the data controller is obliged to define a retention period for the processed data consistent with the purpose for which they are saved. Also in this section it will be possible, where the lawfulness of the action is ascertained, to set the recording of calls transiting within the switchboard and, consequently, the period of permanence of the resulting files.

Let’s see in detail the customizable information:

  1. Retention of historical reporting data: this parameter affects the retention time of the data relating to the call report in the VOIspeed switchboard. All calls older than this period are automatically deleted from the system.
    The default is 6 months.
  2. Call recording: by acting on this item it is possible to enable automatic recording of calls by the VOIspeed switchboard, based on the routing rule involved in the conversation.
    If this item is enabled, the Enable recordings item is also activated in the information summary panel, where it is possible to customize the list of routing rules for which recording is enabled.
    The default is NO.
  3. Keeping of call recordings: this parameter affects how long call recordings remain in the VOIspeed switchboard. All files older than this period are automatically deleted from the system.
    The default is 6 months.

N.B. La registrazione delle chiamate, assieme alle registrazioni risultanti dai messaggi in casella vocale aziendale, sono sottoposte ad un sistema di backup periodico che si attiva al raggiungimento di 2Gb di occupazione per singola company e al massimo 1 volta al mese; i backup generati eliminano i file da UCloud e vengono inviati via mail all’amminsitratore e a tutti i power-user del centralino. Essi restano scaricabili per 1 mese  partire dal giorno della prima segnalazione. Questo sistema è INDIPENDENTE dalle configurazioni presenti in questa sezione.