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Update Polycom Phones Firmware from a Local Web Server

If you happen to need to update Polycom phones that can’t surf the net and you can’t set up an auto-provisioning server that requires you to activate option 66 in the DHCP server, you can have the firmware downloaded from a local server via the web just like you would do if phones surfed. Just remember that before downloading the package containing the new firmware files, the phones look for an xml file in which it reads the version to be downloaded: this is needed if you have different versions residing on the same server and you need to choose the version . Here is the procedure

  1. Create the “fw” folder in the “apache / htdocs” folder of the PBX and unpack the Polycom “split” firmware: below you will find the links to the generic firmware page, where you will find the links to the firmware for Polycom VVX phones, and the link to split version 4.0.11 for Soundpoint 331 models (IP6060).
  2. Go up one level in the apache \ htdocs folder and save the all.xml file, previously modified with the following parameters:
    <VERSION> </VERSION> if you use a version other than 5.5.1, write it in full between these two tags, obtaining it from the downloaded zip package
    <PATH> http: //x.x.x.x: 3542 / fw </PATH> write here the path to the firmware unpacked in the PBX server in the notation: IP_PBX: 3542 / fw
  3. In the phone to be updated, enter the Utility / Software update menu and set the Server Type to Server;
  4. Write the complete URL of the all.xml file in the custom server field (http: //x.x.x.x: 3542 / all.xml) which must point to the XML file saved in the PBX web server, then click on “Check for software updates”

  1. At the end, hopefully the version should appear in “Available software versions”
  2. Click on “Install” and wait for the phone to update

Download the ALL.XML file