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User UI registration deadline

The UI registration has expired.

Periodically, each UI sends an update request from the active registration on the server (login refresh) and the system checks that this request arrives on schedule.

Possible causes:

  1. There was an interruption in the network connection, for the same reasons explained in the Terminal or gateway registration timeout paragraph. Reasonably, a network outage should imply the expiration of registrations of multiple devices, ie UI, terminals and gateways. If the phenomenon is limited to a few or only one IU, we fall back into the next series.
  2. The PC running the UI has entered standby or has not been shut down properly, preventing the UI from communicating with the server.


Possible solutions:

  1. See the appropriate solutions, related to Terminal or Gateway Registration Timeout.
  2. The expiration of the registration due to stand-by is not a problem in itself and can be ignored.