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View the active meeting rooms on the VOIspeed switchboard

In this section you can view the status of meeting rooms in progress, ie meeting rooms whose deadline has not yet passed. Here you can therefore see both the rooms with active interlocutors, and halls with no interlocutors.

6.4 PBX monitoraggio saleriunioni0

Meaning of the Columns:

Internal: internal number associated with the meeting room
Name: Name of the room
Date and time Start/end: date and time of the start and end of the room
Activate: activation status of the room
Moderator: PBX user who moderates the meeting room
# Attendees: Total number (including the moderator) of attendees currently connected to the room
Actions: activate / deactivate the detail of the participants

When the first participant enters the room, it will be possible to see it both from the # participants column and by clicking on the user plus icon user plus which will explode the list of users:

6.4 PBX monitoraggio saleriunioni1

As users participate in the room, the list will be updated (the update does not occur automatically). The indicated status shows if the user is participating in the room, if he is waiting or if he is leaving the room. The Video column indicates whether the call is a video call (for future use).

6.4 PBX monitoraggio saleriunioni