Automatically manage the time spent in queue

The typical scenario of this configuration is that of a group receiving calls that must be queued if the group is busy. In addition, you also want calls to be queued for a limited time. This scenario can arise, for example, when the group answers a call for a toll-free number and it is in the interest of not leaving them in queue at the discretion of the caller. At the end of the time spent in the queue, you want to perform an action, such as, for example, play a courtesy message that invites the customer to call back or forward it to a voicemail box.

Response group settings

  • Set the Maximum ring time parameter to the desired value of time spent in the queue;
  • Set the group event When all users are busy on Send the call anyway (in this way the calls will be displayed in the GUI of the users of the group);
  • Set the group event When the maximum ring duration on the desired action expires