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Capturing a call

To capture a call from an extension that is ringing (the border of the corresponding user is orange), right-click on the desired user, then click on the capture button called gui button pick callgui button pick call. The call will be automatically routed to your communication device. If you are unable to locate the user who is ringing, you can type their name or surname or extension in the search bar above the list of users.NOTE: the PBX administrator can limit the scope of capture from the GUI to only the group it belongs to (that is, it will not be possible to capture calls from terminals outside its own group) or forbid it entirely. 6.5 GUI popup cattura chiamata

It is possible to use your own IP terminals (telephones and IP adapters) to capture calls using service codes: this is, for example, useful for those users without a GUI (for example, a user with a portable terminal).

Call capture is of two types:

  • Implicit Capture: captures the call from the extension that is currently ringing. If there are two or more terminals ringing, the first one that started ringing will be captured. You can only capture calls from terminals belonging to your department. The default service code is 984.
  • Explicit Capture: captures the call of the specific terminal by typing its extension. The default service code is 991+ <extension>. (eg If the extension to be captured was 21, the code would be 99121).