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Configure meeting rooms

The Meeting Rooms are a very useful tool for organizing meetings and telephone conferences between PBX users and / or external interlocutors. A Meeting Room is a “virtual room” (effectively a conference) created on the PBX that can be accessed by two or more users. HOW TO CREATE A MEETING ROOM IN THE VOISPEED SWITCHBOARD […]
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How to manage additional time bands to the standard ones

The corporate number routing wizard provides for the indication of a main time table, which typically indicates the opening of the offices, and does not require you to specify others for the other hours when the offices are closed. When the company is instead structured to work in more complex time slots, new routing rules […]
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How to manage hot desking terminals

In this article we will see what they are and how to manage terminals with hot desking functionality. The hot-desking terminal is a terminal whose association to a certain extension takes place only on-demand. When not associated with any extension, the terminal is connected to the switchboard but cannot receive / make calls (except for […]
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