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How VOIspeed UCloud works – scenarios

With VOIspeed UCloud, TeamSystem Communication is now able to offer the world’s first peer-to-peer cloud telephony solution, the result of a long process of development and refinement. In fact, VOIspeed UCloud is the first cloud telephony solution that allows you to reuse your traditional telephone lines (ISDN, analog, GSM), optimizing voice quality and ensuring stability […]
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Configuration of the VOIspeed switchboard step by step

As for the UCloud environment, in this case there is no proprietary physical machine where to install This is a practical in-depth guide for configuring the VOIspeed 6 switchboard. The following article will therefore show criteria and suggestions for a correct basic configuration of a VOIspeed server. Before moving on to the actual configuration, the […]
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Create a new VOIspeed UCloud PBX

Introduction VOIspeed UCloud includes both the hardware infrastructure and the management software and precisely: Access to the VOIspeed UCloud portal where you can create and configure your switchboards by following simple guided steps The switchboards are “logically” created in a reliable remote structure, redundant and maintained by TeamSystem Communication The customer can also use his […]
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How to view the info from Reviso on your UI

In this article we will see how to use the functionality (native with the integration of VOIspeed with the Reviso SW) of displaying contact information on calls. Reviso contacts are synchronized in the VOIspeed address book and kept aligned over time; these contacts already present a series of information that the management software makes available […]
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Configure the Tustena CRM – VOIspeed UCloud connector

Functionality of the plugin Initiate calls from contacts in Tustena CRM Real-time notifications of incoming / outgoing calls in the Tustena CRM UI Creation of activities in Tustena CRM at the end of the calls First massive synchronization function of Tustena contacts with VOIspeed address book   Installing the plugin Having a license that includes […]
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