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Yealink T19P – Conference calls

To create a three-way conference: 1. Call the first participant; 2. Press the button under the label “N. Ch. ” to create a new call and automatically put the active call on hold; 3. Call the second participant; 4. When the second participant answers, press the button under the “Conf” label to join all the […]
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Yealink T19P – Making a call

Basic functionality of the Yealink T19P phone Making a call Using the receiver Lift the handset; Dial the number; Press the button located under the “Send” label on the display Using headphones With the headphones connected, press   Enter the number, then press “Send”
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Yealink T21P – Conference call

Press  during an active call. The call is put on hold; Enter the number of the second party, then press Send When the interlocutor answers, press Conference again, when the second interlocutor answers. All parties are now joining the conference Press the End Call key to disconnect all interlocutors
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