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Change the sender of the SMS

To change the sender of the SMS you need to access your User Area and click on the icon in the “SMS” section (see -> how to use the SMS sending service)

SMS sender: describes the string (and its validation status) required by the SMS service for validation at the AGCOM which validates the “sender”, making it able to send SMS.

Validation usually takes 24 hours from service activation: in case of problems, at the entrance of the SMS section of the User Area VOIspeed may show a message of this type:

Similarly, by entering the service configurations section by clicking on the icon Change settings you will see a message of this type

The inability to change the sender indicates that it has not yet been validated.

Note: Once the validation has been received, AGCOM will consider the preset string valid (obtained from the company’s registry): if you wish to change it, you must comply with the following constraints:

  • Max length: 11 characters
  • Don’t use special characters
  • Changing the sender string will renew the validation procedure for 24 hours.

If after 24 hours or more the sender has not yet been validated, it will be necessary to contact VOIspeed support.