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Configure administrators and power users


In cases where the end user company of the switchboard wishes to have direct, partial or total control over the PBX without the external help of the reseller, it is possible to use special users with specific “increased” capabilities compared to normal users. These capabilities allow you to access the administration page of the PBX.

In the UCloud environment these users are called Power Users, while in the On Premises environment they are called Administrators.


To create a Power User, you need to create or modify a standard user and set the Poweruser level.


The activation of the Poweruser level will enable a new section of the user profile, which contains the different Capabilities to be assigned to the user for the control of particular switchboard properties. For greater simplicity, the capacities are organized in macro sectors: by clicking on the macro sector it is possible to activate or deactivate all the capacities connected to it. It is obviously possible to select individual capacities.

PBX_poweruser_admin3 PBX_poweruser_admin4 PBX_poweruser_admin1 PBX_poweruser_admin2

Access to the PBX as a Poweruser is guaranteed through the UI of the enabled user. The top menu of the UI will contain an additional button.



In the Configuration – Administrators section the super administrator can create Administrators and Super-Administrators for the PBX in use. Entering the page you have a view of the active administrators.

Admin Table

The buttons delete, search, edit are used respectively to delete, consult and modify the configurations.

To create a new administrator or super administrator click on the icon add32

The properties of an administrator are divided between the specific information of his account and the properties of his profile:

Add New Admin Parameter Description
Company Assigns the company whose account created will be Admin or Super-Admin
Level Default Administrator Level. The administrators will have viewing and modification rights on the various pages of the configurator differentiated according to the profile. The super administrator has no profile as she already has all active permissions.
Name Required parameter
Surname Surname of the user
E-mail Required parameter
Username Account username (not mandatory): if the field is not filled in, the username will correspond to the parameter of the Name field.
Password Password of the account (not required): if the field is not filled in, the password will correspond to the e-mail entered
Rewrite password Verify password
Pwd security ndicates the password strength level in real time with a 5-level indicator
Account data notification Allows you to choose when and whether to send account data to the configured email address (Send now, do not send).Permette di scegliere quando e se inviare i dati dell’account all’indirizzo email configurato (Invia ora, non inviare).

The Administrator profile allows you to determine, based on the selection of a series of permissions, access or prohibition to the areas of the PBX accessible by the account being created. By default all accesses are disabled.

The configurator allows you to enable all the items of entire sections (by enabling the section title), select only a few and, of these, decide which ones are manageable and / or editable. Taking for example only one of the various sections available:

Profilo Amministratore First field Selecting the flag of the first field (in gray) will enable all the items relating to the entire section
Management When an entry introduced by the term Management is enabled, the profile is assigned the ability to modify the entities created for that entry.
In the example to the side, by activating the item “Management of company numbers”, the account with this profile will be able to view and modify the company numbers already present in the reference company but not delete them and / or add new ones.
Creation / Elimination By enabling the item introduced by the term “Creation / Elimination”, on the other hand, the profile is assigned the possibility of deleting or adding new entities for that item.
In the example in the figure, by also activating the item “Creation / Deletion of company numbers”, the account with this profile will be able to view, modify and delete company numbers already present in the reference company as well as adding new ones.

PLEASE NOTE: each new administrator or super administrator of the PBX falls within the set of users foreseen in the license of the PBX, therefore the creation of an administrator occupies a license user, although this user cannot have his own extension and therefore make phone calls.