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Configure the corporate directory on Spectralink IP-DECT Server 400 and 6500

In this article we will see how to configure a company directory on IP-DECT Spectralink 400 and 6500 servers and how it can then be consulted from connected DECT phones.

The guide below can be used on Spectralink IP-DECT Server with firmware version equal to or higher than PCS13_.

NOTE: Only 74xx-75xx-76xx series phones can take advantage of this feature. In the user guide we will examine the procedure for a 7622 telephone.

Import the address book from CSV file

To use this massive address book configuration mode on the IP-DECT 400 and 6500 servers, it is possible to use CSV files with the following format:

“Name”, “Telephone number”, “Mobile number”, “Company / Department”, “Title”
“Peter Petersen”, 1000,20123456, “Sales”, “Manager”
“Niels Nielsen”, 1001,20123457, “R&D”, “Developer”

Here you can download a CSV file to use as a guide for compiling your address book. In particular, to import the data of an already existing VOIspeed address book, you can start from the CSV file that you can download directly from the relevant configuration page on the VOIspeed server (Toolbox -> Address book section, Export address book function key).

Once the file has been created in the correct format, it can be imported into the IP-DECT server directly from the WEB administration page of the same. The procedure is described in the following steps:

  1. From the WEB Server configuration WEB interface menu select Administration and then Phonebook.
  2. Select Import CSV file from the choice box.
  3. Choose the file generated above.
  4. Select the correct format for the CSV file. The encoding format depends on the SW used to generate the file in question. When using Microsoft Windows, in most cases it will be sufficient to select the Windows-1252 entry.
  5. In the Number fields, set the indexes of the columns containing callable numbers. The first column is always indexed with the number 1; therefore, in the example file we reported earlier, the columns will be the number 2 and 3.
  6. Save the settings with the Save button.
  7. No reboots are required. The changes are acknowledged in the heat of the DCT system.


Configure the use of the company directory from DECT phones

To use the address book on DECT phones, the long press key function must be enabled on the device to support the MSF function. To do this (on model 7622 devices):

  1. Press the Menu button
  2. Select the Settings item.
  3. Select the Advanced item.
  4. Select the Long Key item.
  5. Select the MSF entry.


Using the corporate directory from DECT phones

After activating the Long Key Press function through the previous procedure, it is possible to use the phonebook directly from the phone in the following way:

  • Hold down the 0 button for a long time and scroll through the attributes that have been added to the corporate directory settings.
  • To search, use buttons 0 to 9 to enter text.
  • To delete a character, press the # character.
  • To navigate through the contacts, use the buttons and press  (Mute) to select the item.
    To start the call, press the handset off-hook key.
  • To start the call, press the handset off-hook key.