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Configure the Mediatrix Gateways for ISDN and PRI lines

The Mediatrix Gateways for ISDN lines of the 4400, 3300 and G7 series are the products certified by Teamsystem Communication for the interconnection of the VOIspeed switchboard to the ISDN and PRI digital telephone lines. The certified Mediatrix come from the factory with a basic configuration ideal for operation with VOIspeed and with most telephone lines: in this way you will be able to install these devices in 90% of cases, with minimal effort and without the need for make long configurations.

How to recognize a Mediatrix gateway certified by Teamsystem Communication

All Mediatrix gateways certified by Teamsystem Communication have a customized firmware on board (the hardware, on the other hand, is always the same). The certified firmware can be recognized from the standard firmware by the presence within the configuration profile of the initials TC (which indicates Teamsystem Communication) instead of the initials MX (which instead indicates the standard version of Mediatrix). Example:



Configuration in UCloud environment

The Cloud platforms allow you to automatically configure the supported gateways through the Autoprovisioning function, which avoids having to perform the settings described below, reducing the risk of errors to zero. We therefore strongly suggest adopting this method and possibly returning to the device only for particular configurations.

NOTE: to have maximum flexibility in call routing, the self-provisioning applied to Mediatrixes equipped with 2 and 4 BRI interfaces, configure each individual interface to work autonomously: this means that a gateway must be created for each BRI interface of the gateway

In the following we will indicate which parameters must be changed with respect to the default values.

In the UCloud platform, the gateways must be registered on the PBX: the parameters must therefore be set in the SIP – Servers section, by entering the company domain: port in the Registrar and Proxy fields, the outbound proxy (Hostname PBX), in the field of the same name. NOTE: The SIP port used in the UCloud environment for SIP gateways is different for each company. Therefore the fields in question will be according to the cases, therefore it is necessary to consult in the settings of the PBX which is your port. Connect to the Configuration → Company menu and see the value of the SIP Gateway Port parameter in the Properties pane.
mdx sip servers
In the SIP – Registrations section, an entry must be created in the Unit Registration table by entering the geographical number of the line in the User Name field. It is also advisable to use registration times between 60 and 120 seconds. The authentication parameters must be entered in the SIP – Authentication section, making sure to use the string “voispeed” for the “Realm” field. The same parameters are those indicated in the configuration of the ISDN Gateway of the PBX Cloud.
mdx sip authentication
mdx sip registrations
decs G.711 and G.729 remain to be configured, deactivating all the others and giving priority to G.711 over G.729. Packaging at 20ms and priority must be set on each codec. The parameters shown in the figures below are set by clicking on the Edit button of the enabled codecs.mdx g711mdx g729
Then configure the response mode in codec negotiation in the SIP – Interop – SDP Interop menu. Set the Answer Codec Negotiation parameter to First Common – Peer Priority.
mdx codecssip_interop

To use a Mediatrix ISDN gateway with VOIspeed UCloud, we assume that the ISDN and IP network interfaces have already been configured in addition to the related routing tables, as indicated in the On Premises configuration manual.

Link to the VOIspeed Cloud quick configuration manual.


Configuration of Mediatrix gateways in an On Premises environment

Models with 1 – 2 – 4 Bri interface (basic access), 4400 series
Models with 1 – 2 Pri interface (primary access), 3300 series and G7