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Customize the behavior of the VOIspeed telephone when a call arrives

In this section we will learn how to customize the behavior of our VOIspeed telephone when a call arrives.

In the Settings–> Call section of your GUI you can find the following settings.
If you enable the option:

  • Reject call if busy, the call will be automatically rejected if the user is busy in another conversation.
  • Use cell. on direct call, the incoming call will make the mobile phone ring which, in the event of the presence of other communication devices (eg IP telephone), will ring simultaneously with them.
  • Use cell. on call to the group, as above, but the mobile phone will ring if the call reaches the groups of which the user belongs
  • Enable call waiting notification, during a conversation, when another call arrives, it plays a beep on the audio channel

In the Maximum ring duration field, enter the maximum time (in seconds) for which the terminals ring before the action associated with the expiry of this period is triggered.

6.5 GUI Impostazioni chiamata
In the three boxes below, on the other hand, you can determine what happens to the call when the user is busy (or do not disturb), unreachable or the maximum ring duration expires. In all 3 scenarios, you can choose between 3 options:

  • Closes the call: the call is rejected and closed.
  • Transfer To: Transfer the call to a local extension of your choice (it is not possible to transfer the call to other external numbers or on a WAN route).
  • Voicemail: start the voicemail to allow the interlocutor to leave a message

Call divert settings: With this option you can divert the incoming call when the GUI is set to divert mode. In this state, the user’s terminal can be used to make phone calls. You can choose the following 3 options:

  • Divert to another user: allows you to divert to a PBX user of your choice from the list of PBX users (local)
  • Divert to number: allows you to divert the call to an external number
  • Divert to mobile xxxxxx: divert the call to the number configured as the mobile phone of your user profile. In this mode your terminal will not ring, so the settings “Use cell. on direct / group call “are bypassed.

Note: the divert status is not indicated in the GUI of other users who will continue to see the user (free).

Attention: the PBX admits only one “level” of diversion; it is not allowed that the user receiving the diversion is in turn in the same state. In this case, the PBX will return a refusal for the call and the end-of-ring action of the diverted user or of the group to which the diverted user belongs will be activated.
Furthermore, to avoid dangerous internal loops, it is not allowed to divert the call to numbers routed to internal PBX entities (such as groups, IVRs, voicemail boxes…), but only to external numbers. The only internal numbers to which the call can be diverted are users.