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Define the opening and closing times of your company

With the VOIspeed switchboard it is possible to vary the flow of incoming calls according to a specific period of time.
The tool that allows you to obtain the above is the Time Table. In fact, it is possible to associate one or more routing rules to a specific time table and thus define a different behavior for each period of the day, week, month, year. A time table is in turn made up of a set of time bands that represent a contiguous period of time and are characterized by a start and end date / time. Therefore, by inserting more than one time slot in the same table, you are able to define a more complex period of time, such as the weekly opening of your offices. To give an example, the “Company Opening Hours” schedule may consist of two time slots: “Morning Opening Time” and “Afternoon Opening Time”


In the Configuration – Time Tables menu, you can consult the list of existing time tables. The buttons delete, search, edit are used respectively to delete, consult and modify the configurations. o create a new timetable, click on the button add32. The list of time tables shows the number of time bands stored in each table. A new table will therefore contain 0 time slots.

Tabelle Orarie


After adding a new time table, indicating its name a link will appear to add the first time slot:

Nuova tabella

To change the name of the table, click on the Edit table link or on the button edit  at the top. To create the first time slot, click on the link Create the first time slot, or click on the button add32 at the top which will then be used to add the subsequent time slots to the first.
To enter the time slot, the following window will appear:

Nuova fascia oraria Description Description of the time slot
Start / end time Time range of the time slot.
Days of the week Days of validity of the time slot
Calendar constraint Allows you to choose whether and how to constrain the parameters described above or, more generally, the entire time slot. you can choose between:

  • None: to not assign any constraints
  • Date range: the time slot will only be valid within a particular range of days
  • Fixed day / month / year: to select a particular day of operation of the band. In this case, if the year is not specified, the time slot will apply equally to the day and month in any year of activity.

Each of the above parameters helps to specify the validity limits of a specific time slot in greater detail. Each “group” of constraints (general, weekly and particular information) constitutes a “refinement” of the degrees of freedom of the time band. At the appropriate time, the system will compare each of the constraints present in all the time slots: the “winning” time slot among the many potentially suitable, will be the one with the greatest number of constraints that satisfy the instant in which the call is handled. Some examples will clarify the concept better.

Time slot name Description Time Band Configuration
Always open in the morning Hours: 8.00 – 13.00 on Mon-Fri
Time slot valid forever
Start time: 8.00 – End time: 13.00
Week: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
Always open in the afternoon Hours: 2.30pm – 6.30pm on Mon-Fri
Time slot valid forever
Start time: 2.30pm – End time: 6.30pm
Week: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
By inserting two upper bands within an hourly table, a complete description for the weekly opening of the offices will be created
Opening August morning Hours: 8.00 – 13.00 on Mon-Fri
Time slot valid in August
Start time: 8.00 – End time: 13.00
Week: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
Fixed month: August
Week end closing On Saturday and Sunday Starting time: 0.00 – Ending time: 23.59
Week: Saturday, Sunday
Summer holidays Closed for holidays every day
from 06/08 to 24/08
(including Saturdays and Sundays)
Start time: 0.00 – End time: 23.59
Week: none
Constraint: date range
Start date: 06/08/2012
End date: 08/24/2012
Christmas bridge Closed on 24/12/12 Start time: 0.00 – End time: 23.59
Week: none
Constraint: fixed day / month / year
Fixed day: 12/24/2012
Closing for the city patron Closing on 18/08 Start time: 0.00 – End time: 23.59
Week: none
Constraint: fixed day / month / year
Fixed day: 18/08


it is possible to associate an hourly table with a geographical number using the wizard present when entering company numbers or directly in the routing rules.
In the event that more time tables are associated with the same numbering, the one with greater detail will prevail.