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File transfer in GUI fails or stops

If the file transfer process started on a VOIspeed 6 platform GUI does not start (the transfer status remains at 0%) it could be a problem with the IP address configuration of the client machine. If the machine has more than one IP address on different classes (subnets), the sockets used by the GUI cannot determine on which IP it should receive the files.

In these cases, you must enter the string local_ftp_IP = X.X.X.X in the UserAccount section of the config.ini file in the Advanced Configuration folder of your PC, where you can configure the IP address, compatible with the subnet of the VOIspeed server, to be used for file transfer.

When transferring files from GUI to GUI, peer-to-peer mode is used whenever possible. This involves the use of other local ports in addition to those used for communication with the server. An improperly configured firewall may prevent these communications.

In the case of the Windows firewall, it is recommended to proceed as follows:

  1. Close the GUI
  2. Open the firewall configuration:
    1. Firewall
    2. In Advanced Settings, delete all the rules related to the “v6gui” process in the “Inbound Connection Rules” section
  3. Start the GUI
  4. When the Windows firewall window appears, check both the Public and Private authorization boxes (if the PC is included in a domain, the “Domino” scope should also appear: since the PBX is usually not included in a domain, it is not necessary activate this option as well).
For file transfer, the GUI dynamically allocates RTP ports from the same range as the UDP SIP ports, ie 5004-5059. In the case of crossing firewalls or routers, especially in remote GUI scenarios, it will be necessary to check that the router / firewall does not block traffic on that range.