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GUI does not log in or log out all the time

The phenomenon, which manifests itself with a continuous connection and disconnection of the GUI at intervals of a few seconds and which can also involve the User Agent, can be linked to an incorrect configuration of the Firewall of the PC where the GUI runs. Since the PBX is not required to belong to a domain, it is typically not set up in the operating system. However, if the client PCs belong to a Domain, when the GUI and the User Agent are installed, the application must be unlocked in the three proposed areas (Domain, Public, Private). That way there shouldn’t be any problems.

Another factor that can trigger this phenomenon is the coexistence of multiple IP addresses in the client PC. In this scenario the GUI may not log in (showing the login in progress message), while in the PBX user monitoring it may be correctly logged in: in this case it is possible to force the IP address assigned to the GUI by modifying the config.ini configuration file (accessible via the Advanced Configuration link in the VOIspeed GUI program group of the Windows Start menu). Therefore carry out the following operations:

  • Stop the GUI
  • Open the config.ini file with a text editor
  • In the [GUISettings] section, add the string client_local_IP = X.X.X.X where X.X.X.X is the IP address of the machine that you want to assign to the GUI.
  • Save the file and start the GUI

In the case of multiple IPs, it is also possible to have problems with file transfer between GUIs. In this case, consult the KB article, the file transfer does not take place