How to configure your audio device for use with the VOIspeed UI

When you use your PC’s audio device to make phone calls (for example a headset with microphone – USB or with jack connector), VOIspeed connects to the audio devices available on the PC you are using.

It is better to have an active sound card available on the PC (set as the system default audio device) and a second USB audio device equipped with a microphone, dedicated to telephone functionality. In this scenario, it is advisable to check the PC audio device settings.

  1. Open the Sound Settings of your operating system
  2. In the list of audio settings, go down and select the Audio Control Panel item. A dialog box will appear as in the image below:
  3. In the Audio Control Panel, for both the Playback and Recording TABs, you need to make sure that:
    1. your sound card is configured as the Default Device
    2. the USB audio device that you want to use as a call handling device is configured as the Default Communication Device

Please note: What reported in the previous steps applies to the general scenario in which the PC is equipped with a sound card and at least one USB audio device. If you have only one sound card available and, possibly, an audio device connected to it via a jack, the same device must be configured for both uses; this will involve, among other things, listening to the ringtone of your UI ringing from the same device used for calls..