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How to enter a call to train the operator (intrusion)

VOIspeed allows you to enter an active call between other interlocutors, in order to provide real-time support or provide dedicated training to operators. For this reason, the function is active only for authorized users and provides for the possibility of intruding only on calls involving an internal user and an external interlocutor. During the configuration it is advisable to specify which users will be able to carry out and suffer the aforementioned intrusion.

How to intrude on a call

To make an intrusion, click on the icon from the selection menu. Once inside the training page, all calls in progress will be displayed, involving an extension of the switchboard, and an external interlocutor. For each active call you will have the following information:

  • Number, name and surname (if in the directory or if it is an extension) of the caller
  • Number, name and surname (if in the directory or if it is an extension) of the person called
  • Duration of the conversation
  • “Actions” section with 2 distinct selections for:
    • Carry out the intrusion
    • Open a chat with the user involved in the call

By clicking, an automatic conference call will be created between the user of the feature, the user receiving the intrusion and his external interlocutor. This conference will have 2 special features:

  • whoever carries out the intrusion is heard only by the other internal party and not by the external interlocutor;
  • the user who suffers the intrusion will be able to adjust the volume of the voice of the operator who carried out the intrusion (as in the following image)