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How to forward a call from the UI

To understand how to forward a call from the UI, let’s start by saying that the forwarding of a call can take place in two ways: supervised or blind. The difference between the two methods consists in the fact that in the first the recipient is called and a response is awaited; in the second, the call is forwarded without hearing the interlocutor (precisely blindly).


There are two ways to perform a supervised forwarding with the current call active.

The first and simplest is to click on the forwarding key placed in correspondence with the paused call to which you want to forward the active call.

Alternatively, you can drag the active call (drag & drop the call box by clicking in a position where there are no keys) on top of the other, on hold.
At this point, a box will appear containing three radio buttons.

menu_inoltro_Delete Cancels the operation, returning to a state with one call active and one on hold).
menu_inoltro_Forward Forward
menu_inoltro_Conference Makes a conference with the two interlocutors.


To carry out a blind forward (without supervision), simply drag (drag & drop) the active call over the forwarding recipient user.
To perform a quick search of the user, you can also type their name or surname in the search bar above the users box.