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How to install the VOIspeed 6 switchboard (On Premises)

The setup procedure installs all the components necessary for the correct functioning of the VOIspeed 6 PBX.

Starting from version 6.4, you can choose the type of database to use (FoxPro or MySQL). While FoxPro is installed as a standalone DB in the PBX machine, to have support for the MySQL DB, the MySQL DB Engine must already be installed and running; for this reason, if the choice falls on MySQL, all the information necessary to connect to an existing MySQL DB is requested. Make sure you have administrator rights on the machine to perform setup.
If you have problems with configuring the MySQL server, try following the following article.

The setup of the VOIspeed 6 server therefore takes care of the following actions:

  • Requires information (DB type, DB_Login, DB_Host, etc ..) in case of choosing MySQL as default DB
  • Install the PBX service
  • Install the “FoxPro” DB Engine (in case it has been chosen as the default DB)
  • Install the web configurator
  • Install the Apache Web Server
  • Install the PHP script for the web configurator

The minimum system requirements for the server machine are:

Processore: Dual core,
Memory: 2GB di RAM,
Hard Disk: 250GB o superiore
OS: Windows 7 or higher (Windows 8 / 8.1 not recommended)

It is preferable to use a system with RAID controller and double HDD to have superior reliability of the machine.
It is also necessary to dedicate the server machine to use only as a switchboard to avoid excessive resource consumption and the possibility of conflicts with other competing software.

At the end of the installation, to access the PBX for the first time, double-click on the icon that will appear in the system tray of the Windows Server Icon  Server Icon.

Note: For the initial configuration of the switchboard, simply follow the pages of the following manual or the Best Practice article containing general suggestions in order.