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How to make a multi-user conference

The conference allows you to have a conversation between 3 or more users, both internal and external, at the same time. VOIspeed takes a few steps to create a conference:
  • with a call in progress, click on the “Create new conference” icon from the call management panel
  • type the name or surname of the recipient user in the search bar (both internal and external)
  • click on the “Call” function key in the “Actions” section, the call in progress will be automatically put on hold
  • click on the “Add in conference” icon within the management panel of the held call
  • the interlocutors will be instantly put into communication and the call management panel will appear as shown below in the figure                                                                                                                    
During an active conference, in the conference management panel, there will be several icons:
Ejection of the user from the conference
Open a chat with the user (only to internal VOIspeed users)
hold_conference_button hold_conference_button Pause / Wait for own audio / microphone channel while remaining in the conference
Closing the conference
Recording your own conference call
Mute your microphone during the conversation

N.B. Calls to internal users of VOIspeed do not occupy telephone lines, while simultaneous calls to external numbers depended exclusively on the existing contract with the telephone operator.