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How to manage Direct Dialing with the VOIspeed Switchboard

The possibility of reaching users through a direct number is subject to having a series of distinct telephone numbers in one’s telephone plan.
Operators can provide this service in two ways:
1) N-digit Direct Dialing Service (with N = 10, 100, 1000 depending on the service)
2) Multiple discontinuous numbers on ISDN basic access (up to 8 different numbers for each basic access)

Configuration of the Direct Dialing service in the VOIspeed switchboard

Direct Dialing is a service offered by telephone operators useful for medium to large companies, offices and professional studios, which allows direct access to an extension of the switchboard.
The service, generally combined with the GNR (Reduced Numbering Group), is provided by the telephone operator who can reserve entire groups of contiguous numbers. As a final result, the company that, for example, has signed a 100-number contract on the basic numbering 021234567, will have the numbers from 02123456700 to 02123456799 available, which it can assign to an extension or even to departments or entire ring groups.

  1. Insert the root number between the company numbers of the VOIspeed switchboard followed by “%” (eg. “02123456%”)
  2. Create a new routing rule from the [Toolbox -> Routing Rules] section by following the instructions below depending on the scenario you are in:

Scenario 1 – The extensions of the PBX have two digits (therefore corresponding to the two digits of the loop)

Number called: ^02123456
Rule: Mapping
Mapped number:%
In this way, for example, when the call for the number 0212345625 arrives, the switchboard removes the root 02123456 and sends the call to 25

Scenario 2 – The switchboard extensions have 3 digits in which only the last two are the digits of the direct dial (e.g. all extensions begin with 4 -> Extension = 425)

Number called: ^ 02123456
Rule: Mapping
Mapped number: 4%
In this way, for example, when the call for the number 0212345625 arrives, the switchboard removes 02123456, adds the 4 to the 25 and sends the call to 425

Scenario 3 – Route the call to the Operator / Reception group
There are special numbers (eg 0212345601) that do not correspond to specific extensions, but which typically correspond to the main company numbers and can therefore be used to ring the Operator / Reception group or another department as needed. In this case the rule to create is the following:

Rule: Routing
Caller Type: External
Caller Number:%
Time slot: (if desired)
Called Number: 01
Route to: switchboard group

Multiple discontinuous numbering on ISDN Basic Access (BRI)

With this second service, the telephone operator can provide up to 8 different numbers (often discontinuous) on each 2-channel ISDN basic access. To address the desired number to the desired entity, simply create the number itself among the company numbers and route it to the desired user. This operation must be repeated for each number of the stud. For more information see this article.