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How to send text messages to colleagues from the GUI

In this section we will learn how to send short text messages to colleagues from our VOIspeed phone.

It is possible to send instant short messages (max 160 characters) to users without the need to necessarily enter Chat. This function is useful for quickly exchanging a single message between users. To send an instant message to a user, right-click on the user and select the Send instant message option from the menu.
Note: Instant messages can only be sent to users with the GUI authenticated to the server
gui user context menu chat
A small window will open to the recipient of the message with the message text and with the option to end the conversation (Cancel button) or reply to the message (OK button).

  • Cancel:The conversation ends gui instant message
gui instant message
  • OK: the user who started the conversation receives a notification that the conversation has started through the Chat
gui sms notify1

It is possible to send messages simultaneously to multiple users of the same department.

Go to the desired department and press the CTRL key on the PC keyboard and select with the left mouse button the users to whom you want to send the message. By clicking with the right key on the selection, a popup will appear with the button for sending the message instant. Press the button to write the message text and send. Those who reply will be able to open a chat with the sender. invo multiplo messaggi