How to view the call list from the UI

In this section you will find the call reports, divided into missed, received and sent calls, recorded calls and voicemail messages
In the case of calls, the 3 different types of reports are accessible via the following selection buttons:

Outgoing_icon Outgoing Calls
Incoming_icon Received Calls (incoming)
Lostcalls_icon Missed Calls (unanswered)

Each call shows information on date, time and duration, name of the interlocutor (if stored in the contacts) and telephone number. Furthermore, for calls received and sent only, each element has a colored dot indicating:

Answered_report_call Answered call (green dot)
Notanswered_report_call Missed call (red dot)

To call back the interlocutor involved in a call retrieved from one of these sections, simply click on the green handset icon.

By clicking on the button  it is possible to obtain more detailed information on traffic; for more information see How to view the statistics of your call on the UI.


When there is a new missed call, a flashing newlostcalls bullet appears on the Reports icon newlostcalls; when this indicator is present, clicking on the report icon will automatically open the section relating to missed calls, where new calls are marked with an orange dot to distinguish them from the others (dot off).

There is a field where you can enter a string for the targeted search of calls (a match is searched in the name string, to the left of the number in brackets: if the number is not registered in the phonebook, the search can be done by writing the phone number).


When a user receives a call because they belong to a group, viewing the report of the call in the event of a missed call provides more detailed information than what is seen for the generic direct call to the extension.

In the case of the image on the side, we see two examples of a missed call in the call report of a user, both received while belonging to a group:

  1. in the first call you will find the wording Call for the group: followed by the name of the called group. The call was lost by all users of the group and, therefore, the UI shows it flanked by the red dot;
  2. in the second element of the list, however, the call has always arrived at the group and was lost by the user who received it for this reason. However, in this case the call was answered by another user in the group, indicated by the words Accepted by :. To reinforce the difference from the normal missed call, in this case the sticker accompanying the list item is blue.