I can’t call through WIND’s ISDN Patton

When you have a Mediatrix ISDN gateway connected to the ISDN interfaces provided by WIND and usually emulated with a PATTON gateway, it is necessary to set a “valid” exit number for the operator, otherwise the call will be rejected. To do this, you need to check the setting of the output number used by the PBX in the gateway associated with the Mediatrix: if the Output Number parameter is set to Username (provided by the operator), just write your phone number in the Username field. Alternatively, you can set the output number to Static and always write your telephone number in the field below (Enter static number). Finally, if the operator provides the pass-through selection service, it is also possible to set the exit number for each user, to which an exit number belonging to the pass-through selection range has been previously associated, and consequently configure the gateway of the PBX with the exit number specified by the caller. In the last two cases the “username” field will not be taken into consideration, even if it is mandatory to enter a non-empty string (for example the same telephone number or the leader in case of a direct dialing service).