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Import Address Book into V-6060

In this article, we report the procedure for importing an address book into the V-6060 IP phone

Warning: this procedure, if intended to differentiate the internal bells, can be avoided in the new version 6.5.X for PBX, since now it is the switchboard that sends the type of call (internal / external) to the terminals using the SIP alert-info method. . For information see the KB article.

Necessary material:

TFTP Server (free and recommended)
Configuration file (right click and choose “Save as …”)


After installing and starting the TFTP Server and downloading the sample address book file, you can begin to populate it with the contacts you want to import into the phone.

First of all it is necessary to rename the file by replacing “V6060MacAddress” with the mac address of the phone in which it will be loaded: suppose that the mac address of the phone is 000454f9e6a1 the file must be called 000454f9e6a1-directory.xml.

After renaming the file, open it with a text editor (eg Notepad ++) and insert all the necessary contacts. After entering the contacts, save and close the file and move it to the TFTP folder (the default folder is C: \ TFTP-Root).


To load the contacts in the prepared file into the phone, you need to access the phone’s web interface, enter the Settings -> Provisioning Server section and select “TFTP” from the “Server type” drop-down menu and enter the IP address of the PC where the TFTP server is running in the “Server Address” section. Leave all the other fields on the configuration page unchanged.
When the Save key is pressed, the phone will reboot and load all the contacts in the .xml file prepared above