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Introduction to the VOIspeed GUI

The VOIspeed 6 user interface is an application for Windows ™ systems, installed via Setup on the users’ workstation. It offers a view of the status of extensions, calls in progress and user reports, allows you to make new calls and access numerous additional features. For non-Windows systems (eg Mac, smartphone, tablet) the PBX provides a similar version via the web, based on the HTML5 protocol, which does not require any installation, but only the presence of a browser compatible with HTML 5.

The VOIspeed 6 GUI application is a command console for managing user communication devices (SIP devices and mobile phones). It is also a tool for monitoring one’s own activities and those of other users of the VOIspeed switchboard. It is therefore neither a telephone nor a softphone, as one might think: it does not manage the audio reproduction of peripherals connected to the PC. This architecture allows the application to completely free itself from the management, sometimes problematic, of some audio devices with a low level of compatibility with the operating system.

This application, which for the reasons mentioned above will be called the user interface (or GUI for short), drives all the audio / video devices that belong to the user himself.

Important: Since SIP devices are not in close communication with the GUI, some operations initiated by the device (such as hold and transfer) cannot be terminated by the GUI, because it is unaware of it. Therefore, if for example you put a call on hold from an IP phone, the GUI controls will be disabled and the same will behave like a simple monitor: the GUI controls will be reactivated when the operation initiated by the device will be finished on the device itself. .