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Make a call

To make a call by the GUI, double click on the desired contact (whether it is an internal user or a contact from the directory or an entry in the call list). If the contact to call is an extension of the switchboard, the call can only be made if the user in question has an active device and is in the idle state. To call an additional number of a user (mobile, home, etc.) right-click on the contact and choose the number of the contact to call gui user page

To call a number in a contact in the phonebook, see the section searching for a contact

If the number to call is a new external number that cannot be traced among any of the company contacts, it can be dialed directly on the GUI interface in the upper left section. To dial the number, place the mouse cursor inside the box, type the number and press the ENTER key on the keyboard or the call buttongui button call located on the side of the box.. gui dial number